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Grace Millicent works on an appointment only basis with a complementary home consultation and fitting service at your disposal.

Only the highest quality fabrics and embellishments are sourced from Europe, and designs constructed in their entirety in our Tauranga atelier. All of our methods are to the highest Haute Couture standard from consultation, construction and delivery, to our exclusive design allocations.

A number of appointments will be necessary through the design and fitting process, ensuring the clients full satisfaction. We offer the highest luxury service wherever you are, particularly for our overseas clientele. Time frame can be flexible, but ideally 4-6 months is needed to envisage and deliver a design.

An initial complementary consultation will take place, where you will be taken through our exclusive archive of couture sketches and hand embroideries, as well as fabric selections. From here we sketch up your dream couture gown and begin the exciting couture process.

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